About The Egmont Trust

The Egmont Trust supports inspirational grassroots organisations that alleviate the devastating impact of HIV & AIDS on vulnerable children and their families in sub-Saharan Africa.

The hallmark of The Egmont Trust is that it works with credible, locally driven grassroots organisations, who are best placed to know what works to mitigate the impact of HIV & AIDS. Projects driven by their energy, knowledge, experience, creativity and commitment tend to be the most successful and the most cost-effective. Since 2005, they have disbursed over £4 million to 65 partner organisations in Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Here are 3 things that makes The Egmont Trust genuinely different (and awesome).

  1. GIVING 100%.
    No admin costs… 100% of donations made go directly to projects making a difference to AIDS affected families. This is because The Egmont Trust’s patrons and trustees cover all operating costs in the UK and Africa.
    They rigorously select which projects to support in Africa – thus ensuring that donations deliver real results on the ground in Africa. Only partners that demonstrate real efficiency and that are having a real impact are selected. Ultimately this means real value for money for your donations.
    The Egmont Trust works with small scale grassroots projects. The Egmont Trust believes that the people most affected by AIDS in Africa are also the best at understanding, planning and implementing projects.

Why have I chosen
The Egmont Trust?

  • Zero admin costs! Because of their key promise that 100% of any money I raise will go directly to the making a difference in Africa. (Compare this with some well known charities working in Africa where as much as 40% of their fundraising goes towards admin costs and head office salaries)
  • Because they find and support local partners & projects (as opposed to parachuting in western ideas about what the best solutions are).
  • Efficiency! A rigorous selection process for all the partners they work with – means that I know that every single £ or $ donated will makes its full impact on the ground, with no wastage along the way.
  • Having benefitted from a career selling holidays to Africa – I want to support a charity connected to this most amazing of continents.

Find out more by visiting the Egmont Trust website.