Why are you doing this?

Because at 39 years of age, I think I am old enough and wise enough to judge in advance what I will or won’t be able to get my body to achieve, and I want to use that knowledge to raise as much money as possible for The Egmont Trust – read about them here.

In short, I am willing to trade risk in return for a higher donation from you. By giving you a chance to fundraise for your charity on a 2x multiple, I expect to attract higher sponsorship donations.

I don’t know who you are, so how am I supposed to know what time you may or may not be capable of getting?

Yes, I realise lots of you reading this won’t know me, so I have created a separate page that lists all the significant running races I have done in the past 20 yrs, along with approx times. It also includes a short bio.

But even with the short potted race history, its still a gamble.

Exactly right. A gamble is precisely what this is, and also why its an interesting opportunity. You have to make a judgement on the information you have in front of you.   You’ll be able to see where my confidence levels are by seeing the fastest times I am accepting, plus you will need to take into account my age, recent race history, and any other factors you might think relevant.

And the brilliant thing is that win or lose the bet, a great charity of either your choice of my choice will benefit.

Who is the Egmont Trust ?

The Egmont Trust are an awesome charity that focus on HIV in Africa and specifically its impacts on children. All their running costs are covered by their trustees and patrons, which means every single £1 raised in donations goes directly to projects they support.

Can the Charity I choose also be the Egmont Trust?

Yes, definitely. In fact, if you don’t have a specific charity in mind, then I’d actively encourage you to do that, as they are awesome in every respect. Read more about them at www.egmonttrust.org.

Isn’t there a big risk that you’ll lose a lot of money?

Yes, there is a realistic possibility that I will have to donate significant amounts to the charities of my sponsors choosing.   I am happy at the outset with this scenario. And also remember, I do have an element of choice in the race times and sponsorship donations I am accepting.

When must I make my donation by?

All donations must be received before I start the marathon. You can’t play roulette without putting your chips on the table!

What happens to my donation between now when I donate, until you run the race?

All donations will be direct to the Egmont Trust. I will not accept any donations personally. The Egmont Tust will hold it on account until race day. In the event of my losing any bets, that amount will be donated to your charity of choice – along with a matching donation directly from me.

Is there a limit to the size of a sponsorship donation you will accept?

Yes, given that I could end up having to donate double of any sponsorship donations made, I reserve the right to turn down or close the sponsorship efforts if I have reached a maximum potential exposure of £40,000 or higher.