I’m running the Florence Marathon in November 2015

And I don’t want you JUST to sponsor me…

I’m also giving you a chance to make some money at the same time

If you can GuessMyTime correctly…

Then I will refund money you’ve donated to my charity

And… I’ll donate the same amount again to

YOUR chosen charity

By sponsoring me you are getting a chance to help your favourite charity

It all depends on how good your judgement is.  Just as you would betting on the Grand National – study my form on the ‘ABOUT ME’  page to make an educated guess about how fast I will run, and place your bets!


Ben bubble image

Here is what I propose.

Ben bubble image

Here is what I propose.

  • I’m basically offering you a bet.  Sponsor me in my attempt to run the Florence Marathon (I’m raising money for an awesome charity called The Egmont Trust) – and at the same time GuessMyTime in the race.  If I beat the time, then my charity gets your donation.  If I don’t, you get your donation back, and I pay your charity the same amount.  


  • Decide on a time I have to beat.
  • Choose how much you are going to sponsor me if I equal or better this time. Then make the donation.
  • At the same time choose your charity.  This is the charity that I will donate to if I don’t achieve the time you set.
  • Use the ‘About me’ page to learn more about me, my running history and my lifestyle.  This is no different to horse racing – you study the form and then usually gamble on a horse that you’ve never seen before in your life.
  • I am be allowed to accept or reject any sponsorship offers… so if you name a time for me to beat that is ridiculous, I can say no to the bet. Having said that…
  • I will guarantee to accept all times that are within 15 minutes of my fastest sponsor, as long as they are also within 15% of the fastest sponsors donation amount.
  • Lastest sponsors, times, sponsorship amounts, and nominated charities will be updated every day, allowing complete visibility for everyone.

Ok, so how do I get involved?

To raise money for your charity or mine, please fill in the below form. Details will be published within 24 hours in the table below.

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